About Us

Changing Tree is started to help children who have learning difficulties and struggle to cope up with their academics. At changing tree we do assessments for children and find out their strengths and weakness. Once we find out their area of weakness we use multisensory teaching approach to overcome their difficulties and cope well with their academics. We focus more on children with special needs. We also work with children from mainstream schools who have weakness in the areas like language, reading, spelling, communication, understanding and writing. We focus more on activity based learning and learning through play. Here children are given one to one attention and a conducive environment for learning.We build good rapport with the children and sustain friendly relationship with them. We make sure that children enjoy learning and we help them to learn in their own pace. We also get connected with the parents and join hands to work for the betterment of each child who comes to us.

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Goal :

• To include children with Learning Disability in the mainstream curriculum and build acceptance in the society.

Vision :

• To create awareness about Learning Disability among parents, teachers and care-takers.
• Provide Exposure for children to explore and learn.

Motto :

To learn and grow in their own pace and To motivate, perform and accomplish


What we do ?

• Workshop for college students, teachers, educators, professionals and parents.
• One to one Remediation sessions for students.
• Counselling and Guidance for Parents and students
• Informal Assesments and intervention for slow learners, underachievers and children with special needs.
• Building confidence,self-Esteem and motivation for students.
• Training for teachers, college students,professionals,educators and parents.
• Online sessions.
• Online training Program.


Who can be benefitted ?

• Slow learners
• Children with Learning Disability (LD),Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD),Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD),Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD)
• Children from mainstream schools.

About the founder

J. Merlin Rathna Priya
Counselling Psychologist & Remedial Therapist and Trainer

She is a psychologist and Remedial Therapist. She has completed her post-graduation in counselling psychology. She has completed courses on learning disability and working in the field of special education for past 10 years. She worked among children diagnosed with LD, ADD, AHD, ASD, slow learners and underachievers. She has done full time remediation as well as part time pull out sessions for children from mainstream. She is the founder and Director of Changing Tree Child Development Centre. Her motto is to provide a peaceful disruption free environment for children to learn and grow on their own pace. Changing Tree is a therapy Centre where children come after school for special attention to overcome their difficulties. Here we build a great rapport with the children and parents. Her interest in this field has led her to take initiative in promoting inclusion education in mainstream schools. Her goal is to create awareness about learning difficulties among teachers and parents in mainstream education system. She is working out to reduce the rate of children pushed to special schools. Her goal is also to streamline the slow learners and underachievers in mainstream setup by creating an adaptive and conducive learning styles and strategies.

Roles Played:

• She has extended her interest towards training the parents, teachers and graduates about the strategies and intervention model to teach children with learning disability.
• She worked as a trainer at Srishti Special School for past 3 years.
• She was a mentor to many undergraduate and postgraduate students of Madras University for their case study.
• She has also guided with their field work with children with learning disability.
• She also administers both formal and informal assessments for children with difficulties.
• She has conducted many workshops for parents about parenting, stress management and emotional stability.
• She has involved herself in parental counselling as well as student counselling.

Work experience:

• She has worked as a psychologist and remedial tutor at Alpha to Omega Learning Centre for 4 years.
• She has worked as a part-time remedial tutor at Phoenix Learning Centre for 5 years.
• She has worked as a part-time remedial tutor at Spandhan Life Skill Enhancement Centre for 2 years
• She has worked as an academic coordinator and trainer at Srishti special school for 3 years.